Pote's Message

The Potentate’s Message

Es Selamu Aleikum


Greetings Nobles,

            Wow, the year sure is going fast. My predecessors often commented that I would see how quickly the year goes. They were right! They were also right about how much of an honor it is to serve, and how gratifying it is.

            We had a very successful Circus! Attendance was slightly lower than last year, but we managed to make a profit of about $45,000.00. Not too shabby. I need to send special thanks to the entire Circus committee and to all of the Nobles, Ladies, and family who came out to help support us. We could not have done it without all of your help! I was extremely proud of how our Temple came together and functioned as a well-oiled machine.

            By the time of this writing, we have not only had a great Circus, but an extremely enjoyable, and well attended, Good Friday Breakfast. And several major Unit/Club events have come and gone: The Chanter’s Afternoon of Music, The Concert Band Pop’s concert, and the Motor Corps teamed up with the Oriental Band for a really fun Horse Races at the Complex event! We have also had the first major Ladies event of the year, The Ladies Basket Bingo just this past Friday. The committee did a fantastic job and everyone had an enjoyable evening.

            Looking ahead to the next few months, they will also be quite busy. We have the Cigar Night, Angler’s Fish Fry, Pote’s Ball, Membership Picnic, Pote’s Golf Outing, Imperial, Pote’s Picnic….Wow! Pretty intimidating when I list it all like that! But we have a great Temple and we will come through with flying colors!

            I look forward spending time with your Clubs and Units, and especially you. Come out to our events and I promise you will have a good time, I know I do!

Yours in the Faith,


ALIEKUM ES SELAM Attest: Joe Hagen, Recorder