Shriners Hospital Fund




JUNE 2019

In Memory of Dennis L. Hagan
Joseph & Joyce Hagan

In Memory of William E. Reube
Ronald & Joan Rapp     Robert & Linda Krimmel     Red Hill Grinding Wheel Corp.

Miscellaneous Donations
Schuylkill Shrine Club (In Honor of Ronald A. Dewald)
Emma Z. Martin          Barbara S. Miller
Lamarco & Saad Tavern Owners, LLC
Lehighton High School Class of 1964

MAY 2019 

In Memory of Dennis L. Hagan
William & Barbara Quinn    Sharon U. Edwards     Steffanie S. Moorman
Gene M. Ault     Jerry & Mary Ann Ault     Ronald & Joan Rapp
George & Caroline Fields     Robert & Carol Weiler     Darwin & Nancy Kerper
Edwin & Ferne Engle     Veterans Making a Difference     Peter & Sandra Phillips
Violet F. Hart     Thomas & Ann Marie Upson     L. Donald & Barbara Loos
William & Phyllis Weiss

Dolores Wehr     Kutztown Aerie No. 839,Fraternal Order of Eagles


APRIL 2019

In Memory of Edwin H. Hinkle, Jr.
William & Barbara Quinn

Miscellaneous Donations
Franklin & Nancy Timm (In Memory of Franklin E. & Helen G. Timm)
Arnold Hayes
Randolph & Doris Gormley
Redner's Markets, Inc., $150.49, April 2019
(Donation from Redner's Save-A-Tape Program)


MARCH 2019

In Memory of John W. Freeston
George & Caroline Fields

Miscellaneous Donations
Stanley & Joan Fidler (In Memory of Harry P. Garland, Jr.)
Peter & Dianne Spatcher (In Memory of Michael S. Harbach)
Patricia H. Zettlemoyer (In Memory of Thomas E. Evans)
Arnold Hayes



In Memory of Clarence H. Lausch
Mrs. Doris E. Lausch

Miscellaneous Donations
Arnold Hayes          Gerald C. Schoellkopf          Randolph & Doris Gormley



In Memory of James N. Hillegass
Randall & Charlotte Rosen

In Memory of Robert G. Bickel, Sr.
Barbara L. Evanoff

Miscellaneous Donations
Edmund Obeid           Roadawg Leasing & Hauling
Robert R. Bartholomew     Arnold Hayes
Sharon L. Barry & Marsha L. Rhoades, Shades of Green
Strausstown Rod & Gun Club



In Memory of Richard A. Wolf
Jennifer Marks          Judith E. L. Ballinger

Donations given at December 8, 2018 Ceremonial
Lehigh Shrine Club     Forks of the De. Tin Lizzies     Rajah Motor Corps.
Carbon County Shrine Club     Rajah Antique & Classic Car Club
Rajah Anglers     Rajah Clowns     Rajah Directors Staff
Brandywine Shrine Club     Rajah Ladies Club     Noble Riders
Rajah Caravaners     Rajah Chanters     Rajah String Band
Rajah Concert Band     Hillbilly Degree Clan 9     Blue Mountain Partners 4Health

Miscellaneous Donations
Ronald & Opal Hari(In Memory of James E. Kennedy, Jr.)
Ryan Leaver     Mary E. Mohn     Timothy & Anita Stott
Randolph & Doris Gormley     Shirley S. Hall     Carl & Margaret Uehlinger