Pote's Message

Potentate Ill. Sir Marvin Miller 1 Medium 2

The Potentate’s Message

Es Selamu Aleikum

Dear Fellow Nobles,

I hope that you and your family are safe and well during this uncertain health crisis that we are experiencing. We have been asked to make drastic changes in our daily lives – changes and sacrifices no one could ever have imagined we would experience in our lifetime in this country.

Your Divan is not inactive during this pandemic. We have been communicating with each other and are planning for the future of Rajah Shrine. As restrictions from the President, Governor, Grand Master and Imperial Potentate are lifted, we will announce how and when our Temple will reopen.

To date there are a few upcoming events that have not been cancelled or postponed. Following is an update on events.

• The Pote’s trip to West Virginia is still on. Presently everything is closed, and while no date has been announced for reopening, Boscov’s will keep us informed.
• The Pote’s Ball has been moved to August 8th.
• The Ladies Basket Bingo has been postponed until August 28th.

I have spoken on the phone to most of our Past Potentates and presidents of our clubs and units and was very pleased to learn that all to whom I spoke with are doing fine. Let us hope and pray that it remains that way.

Our Chaplain, Rev. David Newhart, will be conducting a brief service each Sunday during this pandemic. You can view the service on rajahshrine.org.

Keep in mind that we are first and foremost Master Masons who took an oath to serve and help our brothers. With that in mind, as you are able, please reach out to some members of our Shrine family. A text, e-mail or a phone call could brighten their day and let them know someone cares.

We are in this together, and, when the crisis has passed, I am confident the Rajah Shriners will be stronger than ever.

Remember to follow Dr. Levine's directions, STAY CALM - STAY HOME - STAY SAFE!

Yours in Faith,
Illustrious Marvin J. Miller and Lady Marie
Marv Millers Pin