Pote's Message

Potentate Ill. Sir Marvin Miller 1 Medium 2

The Potentate’s Message

Es Selamu Aleikum

Dear Fellow Nobles,

Who would have ever imagined that this great country of ours would ever experience a pandemic? The COVID-19 pandemic has caused much turmoil, making the past seven months of 2020 difficult to deal with. None of us were prepared for something like this. Just trying to deal with the daily challenges that we face has put us all under great stress.

Due to the pandemic here are some events Rajah was unable to have: Good Friday’s Breakfast, Hospital Crusade, Shrine Night at the Phillies, Pote’s Picnic, Ladies Basket Bingo, Pretzel Bowl, Sportsmen’s Raffle, Pote’s Cruise and our Weekly Bingo.

Despite these trying times we must make plans to move forward in our personal lives and at Rajah Shrine. We can no longer look at what was done in the past and the reasons it can’t be done now. We need to think of ways it can be done during this pandemic while complying with the existing recommendations. Your Divan has not been idle. You can rest assured that they have been working toward the goal of keeping our Nobles and their familes safe. They are busy considering various options on how to get Rajah moving forward. We are trying to get us back to the original purpose of the Shrine “having fun while helping kids.”

I pray that this message finds you and your family well. May God bless you and keep you safe.

Yours in the Faith,
Illustrious Marvin J. Miller
Marv Millers Pin