Pote's Message

Potentate Ill. Sir Marvin Miller 1 Medium 2

The Potentate’s Message

Es Selamu Aleikum

Greetings Nobles,

Welcome to spring. I would like to start by thanking all of those that were able to participate in our Good Friday breakfast. We not only had good food but heard a very touching message by our own Reverend David Newhart. We shall never forget the true meaning of Easter.

Next, I would like to say how truly honored I was for the overwhelming support at the Potentate’s Ball, held at the Double Tree in Reading. A fun evening was had by all and we enjoyed the good music and fellowship. I can’t thank the Aides enough, and especially our Chief Aides, Mic and Beth Frey, for all their hard work and dedication to make this event so special.

The week after the Ball, we attempted a new fundraising venture. The Divan and their Ladies held a Meat Bingo at the Shrine Complex. We had nearly 190 players in attendance and we look forward to seeing how financially successful this event was. Again, thank you for everyone’s help.

In looking ahead into next month, we have the Pote’s Golf Outing, Cigar Night, and Legion of Honor Commander’s Ball. Then in July, the voting Divan Members will be attending Imperial Sessions in Houston, Texas. This is traditionally a fun and very informative meeting addressing both fraternal and hospital topics.

I have been trying to attend the majority of your Clubs and Units meetings and events so far this year. It has been a pleasure getting to know many of you better and I charge you to get others involved and be creative in your thinking and ideas to continue to excel for our children. Never forget our philanthropy.

Yours in the Faith,

ALIEKUM ES SELAM                                Attest: Les A. Werley, Recorder