Pote's Message

Potentate Ill. Sir Marvin Miller 1 Medium 2

The Potentate’s Message

Es Selamu Aleikum

Dear Fellow Nobles,

Too many times in the past month your Divan has had to make many difficult decisions for our Temple. Should meetings, activities and events be held, postponed or canceled? All hard questions to answer considering the uncertainty of the pandemic we are experiencing.

As challenging as it is, we are trying to gradually resume some of the scheduled activities. The complex and the pavilion have been cleaned and both are available for your use. Sanitizer and cleaning supplies have been purchased and are to be used after a group uses the facility. Guidelines for the use of the complex have been sent out to all clubs and units. If each group adheres to these guidelines, we can be in compliance with the Governor's recommendations.

COVID-19 has disrupted Rajah’s activities, but more importantly our daily lives are no longer what they once were. Many people have become fearful of socializing and so they have avoided group contact. I understand and respect your decision to isolate yourself in order to remain safe. Personally, I don’t want to live in a bubble. I will adhere to the recommended precautions, as closely as possible,while trying to restore some normalcy to my days by resuming some limited activities.

I hope and pray that you and yours have been untouched by this virus. May God, in His mercy, protect us and keep us safe.

Yours in the Faith,
Illustrious Marvin J. Miller
Marv Millers Pin